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Since our first store was opened in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in 1929, our pot (tsubo) shaped sandwich-style sweets have become a huge hit. We make sure to use ingredients from Asahikawa and nearby areas such as Biei as much as possible.
Our main product is now Kibana, an almond and white chocolate sandwich-style sweet that was launched in 1982 and has repeatedly won the Monde Selection Grand Gold Award. We are also focusing on famous Hokkaido sweets.

Recently, we have been working to develop sweets that are as good for you as they are delicious, such as healthy sweets made from chokeberry, a local industrial resource of Asahikawa.Our motto in Japanese is kanmi-kyushin. Kanmi means “sweet taste” or “sense of taste” depending on the characters, and kyushin means “seeking sincerity”. In bygone days, sweetness was so prized that it was a synonym for deliciousness. But we don’t provide just any sweets. We are constantly striving to select the best ingredients to fulfill our heartfelt desire to bring you the most delicious sweets possible.
We also believe that there is no greater joy than communication and happy conversation brought about by sharing something delicious. That’s why our motto in English is Nice taste, nice talk.

Our Main Product, Kibana

Couverture white chocolate sandwiched between galette-style toasted almonds. This has been our most popular product ever since we began selling it in 1980, loved not only by Asahikawa locals but by everybody who tries it.

Monde Selection Award

35 Consecutive Wins of the Monde Selection Gold Quality Award

Monde Selection is a prestigious international quality competition with a long history. As of 2022, Kibana has won the Gold Quality Award or higher 35 consecutive times, winning the Gold Quality Award four times and the Grand Gold Quality Award 31 times since 1988. The delicious, high quality product is also specially recognized for winning these honors more times than any other Japanese product.

Kibana Product Lineup

Petit Kibana (24 Pack)
(24 small)
Price: ¥2,000
(Japanese yen)
Kibana (6 Pack)
Price: ¥1,000
(Japanese yen)
Kibana (9 Pack)
Price: ¥1,500
(Japanese yen)
Kibana (12 Pack)
Price: ¥2,000
(Japanese yen)
Kibana (20 Pack)
Price: ¥3,000
(Japanese yen)
(Wooden Box of 24)
Price: ¥4,000
(Japanese yen)
(Wooden Box of 32)
Price: ¥5,000
(Japanese yen)
  • ・Expiration Date of Kibana: 60 days after packaging
  • ・Contains eggs, wheat and milk.

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